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Verified Purchase
Works Perfectly!

The mold works perfectly for me using MP Goat's Milk soap and the soaps I gave to friends in this shape received rave reviews -- no problem at all there. I do have a few suggestions for the product description though. I'm new to soap making and am spending a lot of time reading the Soap Queen blog, in addition to all of the information on every product page. Before I started making soap, I never had a need to note difference between 5 oz. by volume and 5 oz. by weight, and I obviously do now. The Soap Queen blog has at least one (very informative and detailed) post dedicated to this topic, yet this mold's description says, simply, "Capacity: 5 oz." One might assume, since pretty much everything Brambleberry goes by weight and having read that blog post or other information, that's 5 oz. weight. I just weighed a bar, and it's 4 oz. I have the MP sampler, and all 1 lb. blocks of various soaps are the same size, so it couldn't be too far off to say "5 oz. by volume; approximately 4 oz. by weight" in the description. Or the description might say, "4 oz. by weight using [a specific Brambleberry] soap. Final molded product weights may vary by product used. [Here]'s a blog post about weight versus volume." Brambleberry is so good about teaching, that I'm surprised it doesn't say that, actually! :) Also, I wished there was a photo of the actual mold instead of a sample. It mattered to me which end the built-in funnel was in, on this particular mold. Again, no troubles at all with the product -- works as advertised!

Verified Purchase
Loved the size and shape, but...

I bought one each of the white and clear pear shaped soaps. The first time I used these for M&P soap I was hesitant, but everything turned out fine. The soap came out relatively easily and it is a great shape and weight. I used them again the other day for more M&P soap. I separated the molds and the clear one had leaked. It was impossible to get out of the mold, and I ended up using a knife to remove it. The white one didn't leak but it was very, very hard to get out. Thankfully I didn't have to use a knife on that one. I hope next time this works better...

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Shaaron! To help the mold release the soap easier, I would recommend popping the soap in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Doing this causes the soap to slightly constrict, and makes it easier to remove from the mold. I hope this tip helps in the future!

Verified Purchase
Lovely shape!

This mold makes soap with a lovely, comfortably ergonomic shape in the hand. It is flatter than I had expected, but that simply makes it easier to stamp the soap with my custom logo. With cold process soap, I had difficulty getting my soap to release the first couple of times. Now I add borax to my soap batter, leave the soap in the molds longer than usual, plus I only use the clear halves of the mold for cold process soaps. MP works just fine usingone white half and one clear half. I was hesitant to buy these molds at first because I had never used this type of mold before, but I am so glad I did. The resulting soaps are professional, well-shaped, and esthetically pleasing. I highly recommend them.