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Great fragrance

This fragrance does cause acceleration but it is workable...I still do a triple color swirl. I mix it with a citrus fragrance as someone else mentioned and it is a best seller! Very true plumeria scent...lovely!

beautiful fragrance

I asked for a sample of this oil because florals can give me very bad headaches, but i am now kicking myself for not ordering a bigger bottle! I opened the bottle and loved it! It did give me a slight almost not there headache though. It has the most wonderful island fruity and floral mix ever! I can't get enough. Even my mom who is very, very picky about fragrances loved it. Still doesn't beat my favorite FO of BB kumquate, but this comes in a very close second. Not too heavy on the floral, and not sickly sweet witht he fruity, just perfect!

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Wonderful Fragrance

I recently made a batch of cold process soap with this fragrance oil. I knew it had the potential to be difficult to work with since it's a floral, but I prepared ahead of time, soaped at 75 degrees, and I was able to do a 4 color drop swirl into white and pipe the top of the soap. It turned out beautifully! The fragrance has a fantastic throw when in use in the shower and I used nearly the maximum recommendation on the fragrance calculator. If you like exotic florals, this is one of the most pleasant scents on the market. I highly recommend giving it a try!

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Plumeria Fragrance Oil

This is one of my favorite floral scents. I used it for the first time in my cold process soap batch. Both my lye water and oils were within a range of about 112-115 degrees for both. I barely mixed my oils and lye water, (just giving them a quick stir and a short burst with my stick blender, as this was the first time using this FO I wanted to give myself plenty of time). As soon as a poured in the the FO the mixtures started to rice and then harden. I tried to work through it but it almost broke my stick blender, so I used a wooden spoon to stir as much as i could. I put half the mixture into a wooden mold and left the pot sitting with other half of mixture sitting till I came back from wrapping by loaf mold up in a towel, and the mixtures was beginning to soften a little again, so I stirred and put the rest in my other wooden mold. When I went to put this wooden mold into the towel with the previous one I had just put in, water was starting to leach out of the top of the soap and over the sides of the mold and was very hot. Can someone please explain what happened here? I have had FO that sped up trace, and started to rice. But this was just weird. Can someone give me some possible answers?

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Poor Attempt at Plumeria

I am a Plumeria nut. I've lived in Hawaii and smelled countless flowers there. I now live in a Subtropical coastal town with a full Plumeria forest at our botanical gardens. This scent is floral but I would only rate it as a poor attempt. Should be renamed or reformulated. Really disappointed in this purchase.