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This was really nice in my hot process soap

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This scent is one of my favorites. It's a light and sweet floral scent, and to me it smells like it has a touch of apples. I really like it!

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Great fragrance

This fragrance does cause acceleration but it is workable...I still do a triple color swirl. I mix it with a citrus fragrance as someone else mentioned and it is a best seller! Very true plumeria scent...lovely!

beautiful fragrance

I asked for a sample of this oil because florals can give me very bad headaches, but i am now kicking myself for not ordering a bigger bottle! I opened the bottle and loved it! It did give me a slight almost not there headache though. It has the most wonderful island fruity and floral mix ever! I can't get enough. Even my mom who is very, very picky about fragrances loved it. Still doesn't beat my favorite FO of BB kumquate, but this comes in a very close second. Not too heavy on the floral, and not sickly sweet witht he fruity, just perfect!

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Wonderful Fragrance

I recently made a batch of cold process soap with this fragrance oil. I knew it had the potential to be difficult to work with since it's a floral, but I prepared ahead of time, soaped at 75 degrees, and I was able to do a 4 color drop swirl into white and pipe the top of the soap. It turned out beautifully! The fragrance has a fantastic throw when in use in the shower and I used nearly the maximum recommendation on the fragrance calculator. If you like exotic florals, this is one of the most pleasant scents on the market. I highly recommend giving it a try!