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Smells EXACTLY Like Bath & Body Works Plumaria

LOVE this! Will use in Bath Bombs, Shower Boms, Scrubs. Definately will buy again.

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Performance update

The first time I made CP soap with this wonderful FO I had no problem. Subsequent batches were one long saga of acceleration and seizing. Because this is my best selling floral I determined to solve this problem. After much experimentation, I froze the water into ice cubes, increased it by 10%, added the lye and mixed it well, heated the oil to 110, blended to light trace, wwhisked in the FO and poured. Absolutely no problems at all. I'll use this technique for all accelerating FOS from now on.

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Great scent but moves fast!

I LOVE this scent and so do my customers. If it were not for that fact I would probably never buy it again because it is so problematic due to the way the fragrance oil accelerates the process in cold process. I even tried diluting the FO with an equal portion of oils from my recipe heated up to 100 plus degrees and it did not help at all. In fact, it ended up being worse because I thought diluting the FO would buy me a little bit more time. I ended up trying to stir it to smooth it out some, but had to force it into the mold anyway. This is the fastest moving FO I have ever used. BUT the scent is incredible!! I just wish that it did not move so fast.

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Beautiful Plumeria Scent

A winner for a true plumeria scent! Will order more!

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This was really nice in my hot process soap