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Azhar Yousef

I am so sorry but tis color and Eucalyptus Mist LabColor (large) destroy my soap I read every thing and watch the youtube I also dilute and both color turn so bad the purple torn to agree and the blue to greenish bad color :( I really love dark purple colors used the color in CP soap please help me and thank you

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Azhar! I'm sorry this color did not work out for you. We found our Purple Mist LabColor goes a beautiful, deep purple in cold process soap. Though it is very important for your soap to go through gel phase to get the beautiful purple color shown in the CP sample above. To learn more about gel phase check out our Jazzed about Gel Phase blog post. I will email you directly and find out what may have gone wrong!

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The other reviewer mentions that this is greyish. It definitely is, but I personally like it. When used in CP soap without gel phase, it creates a nice, dark purple-grey that reminds me of a dark, cloudy evening sky--it would be a great option for a Halloween-themed soap. When used in a soap that goes through gel phase, it is a really nice, muted, whispy sort of violet-grey that goes well when swirling with black and a "pop" color.

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I've used Lab Colors before with success but found that this color did not preform well with my cold process soap. The color was less than purple, more of a gray with a whisper of purple (maybe) as I mixed it into my batter--I thought "Well maybe gel phase will kick it up a notch"...wrong, the soap came out gray only a few shades darker than it went in...:-/

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Christina! This particular LabColor has more grey than purple in it, so you might want to add a touch more colorant the next time you use it in your cold process soap. You can also try out our Purple Passion, Hyacinth or Periwinkle LabColors for more of a purple in your designs.