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Poor product

I love all Brambleberry products but this one. We bought and made a batch of push up perfumes only to have them fall right out when you slightly push up the product. They need to have stopper at the bottom or something. Or sell a twist bottom. Product just fell right out to the floor. We had to take perfume base out and just throw them away. You can't return used product. Sorry, but these are just worthless. We do love the perfume base though. We just purchases twist up containers elsewhere and poured the perfume base again. Please work on finding a better tube that doesn't just slide right out.

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Perfect for deodorant

I use these tubes for deodorant and they work perfectly for a recipe that is solid.

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How do I actually use these?

I made some lotion sticks using the push tubes because the formulation was too soft for a bar, but I still liked how they worked. Anyway, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the push tubes to work. I can push them up with no problem, but they don’t stay up unless I hold onto the bottom. Unless I flip them over, that is, in which case the lotion part just falls out, because it is too difficult to grip the push up part while trying to apply it. I bought these because I wanted something clear and a wider diameter than the chapstick tubes, but I can’t in good conscience sell things in them if I myself can’t figure out how to make them work. Can somebody please help me? I’m sure I’d like them better if I knew how to actually utilize them.

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Love Love Love

Easy pour, easy use, these tubes are great fun! I use them for my lip balm and everybody loves the tubes! (almost as much as they love my lip balm ( ; )

Push Tube

I made hard lotion bars in these tubed. They worked great !