This month's featured sample is Dark, Rich Chocolate. This rich fragrance can be decieving, especially when the soap you make with it is as lucious looking as the project below. The Dark Rich Chocolate fragrance oil smells just like a rich & creamy bar of chocolate. You may want to make 'Do Not Eat' signs when you make this soap!

Dark Rich Chocolate Soap

Blend Ideas


How to Make Dark Rich Chocolate Soap

Tools and Ingredients:

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ONE: Cut 32 oz Clear melt and pour into cubes. Melt on 30 second bursts in the microwave. In a small, heat-safe container, pour 2 oz melted soap and set aside. 

TWO: Disperse 3/4 teaspoon Brown Oxide in 1/2 teaspoon rubbing alcohol and stir well.

THREE: Add dispersed Brown Oxide and Dark Rich Chocolate fragrance to remaining 30 oz of melted soap and stir well.

FOUR: Put silicone slab mold on scale, and pour in 26 oz of brown soap. Set aside until a thick skin is formed on top.

FIVE: Shave off perfect red color block pieces, and color the 2 oz clear soap until a deep red is achieved. Add 2ml Vanilla Color Stabilizer. Pour into 9 tiny heart mold cavities and place in freezer. 

SIX: Unmold tiny hearts, spray liberally with rubbing alcohol and place in three rows of three across skin of brown soap. 

SEVEN: Carefully pour remaining 4oz of brown soap around hearts evenly, making sure all hearts are surrounded with soap. Spritz with alcohol again, and set aside for 24 hours.

EIGHT: Unmold soap. Using a sharp knife cut into squares. Enjoy!


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