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Broke within a month

It was working great for a week until it broke. The screws that hold the blade became loose and the holes (for the screws) became loose. I cant tighten the blades back. The soap shavings get in between the wood and the blade and doesnt shave... I don't recommend this product.

Chloe from Bramble Berry replies...
Customer service has reached out to you directly to fix this.

Verified Purchase
Michelle B

I actually use this tool to create a very light bevel along my soap edges. I also use it to scrape off the ash I cannot seem to avoid getting on my soap tops. I am very glad to have this tool! And there are replacement blades available too!

Verified Purchase
Would not be without it

I love this shaver. I have used it for the past 3 + years and would not be without it. Highly recommended..

Nice shave!

My soap shaver does an excellent job with my bars. On the shallow setting the shavings are very fine so minimal waste - and the shavings rebatch wonderfully. Do handle with extreme care, the blade is super sharp which my finger can testify! Keep your wits about you and don't get distracted or daydreaming while you're playing like I did. I just noticed that you can purchase replacement blades when necessary, which is great to know. All up, I'm happy with my purchase.

Would Buy it Again

I agree with the other review that it doesn't necessarily shave evenly, like the blade might be installed a little crooked, but overall I like it. It does a very good job of shaving off soda ash or an uneven edge, and I like the versatility of two different thicknesses. I would definitely buy it again.