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Triangle silicone spatula

its too wide for the mold, not able to hold it flat

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Thanks for your feedback. This Triangle Silicone Spatula works great for larger slab molds as well as scraping your mixing bowl clean so none of your product gets wasted.

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Wonderful tool

Easily scraps a bowl clean. Great tool to have. Would recommend.

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Awesome Tool, A must have!

I couldn't wait to try out this spatula and it works even better than I thought it would! The perfect size to smooth down a loaf mold and the corners scrape out all of the soap batter so there is no waste. I've used this spatula in round and square containers and it works great in both. I will be purchasing more for soapmaking and for use in my kitchen as well. Another great BB product. :)