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Jordan Henry

I was wondering if you needed to use a vanilla color stabilizer in your sugar scrubs when using fragrances that contain vanilla.. Will it work in scrubs?

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so far it worked keeping my goats milk melt and pour white....but is it supposed to be so cloudy and foamy in the bottle?

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I loved it until

Used this for around 4-5 months. All was good until I noticed my soap came out all slimy. I looked at the 8 oz bottle of VCS had a blob at the bottom. I contacted BB and Carla directed me to a page to reincorporate the product. It did mix back in, however it's still very slimy to the touch. I would advise buying smaller bottles and using it faster than I did. Maybe I got a bad batch.

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Vanilla Color Stabilizer

I don't understand why it states in the description for melt and pour only?? I use this in my hot process soap, cold process soap, and my bubble bath bars, and bath fizzies so I can use vanilla based fragrance oils and it works beautifully! I tried not using it and all turned brown...have to have this on hand at all times. and the fact that it's odorless is a huge BONUS!! Brambleberry this makes me very happy :)

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Why not CP?

Is there a chemical reason I shouldn't use this in CP? I bought this a long time ago but recently used it in a couple of different CP batches. Colorwise, it does what it is billed to do. Stop discoloration. The soap is a bit "softer" when I add this ingredient but not really worthy of mention. Is there a chemical reason that I shouldn't use Vanilla Stabilizer in CP?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Wendy! We do not recommend using the Vanilla Color Stabilizer in cold process soap because it does not work well in CP. It will work marginally well for 4 to 9 months but will eventually fully discolor.