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Awesome Mold

I made a Violet Fragrance and Lilac color, MP soap with this mold, and layered with with clear MP also and it turned out awesome! Was a little hard getting out of the mold even after I put in the frig. But the mold stood up great and I have had alot of customers wanting this mold for their soaps! Just had an order for 6 of these Beauties! Love that it is Heavy duty and stands up well to the soap!

Verified Purchase
A Staple! Great Mold!

I use this and the guest Victorian Heart molds every time I soap. The leftover bits go in the guest mold (great for sample soaps) and this mold is used to test new scents. If I have leftovers from the heart tube mold, I cut off a piece and embed in this soap - it's a fun surprise that people really enjoy! I don't find this mold too big at all - if you don't want a full 6 oz bar, just don't fill it all the way! Some people will only buy soap in this mold to give as gifts and sadly others - like my sister - will not buy, because the soap is "too pretty to use!" I did use this once for salt bars and had a really tough time getting them out, breaking a few molds & bars. For regular soap, I wait 1-2 weeks, then pop in the freezer for a while. The soaps come out quite easily that way.

Verified Purchase

This mold is huge! I've only tried it once, and I really like the details, and it's fairly easy to unmold, but it's bigger than expected. I recommend checking the measurements before purchasing! :)