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Love it, but SUPER sticky

I absolutely love this but it's a pain to clean up as it is very, very sticky and clings to surfaces.

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Gale Bessire
Vit. E in a jar?

I have ordered this product before and it came in a bottle, no problem. This time it arrived in a jar and it had seeped through the wrapping tape all over the box. I e-mailed Brambleberry customer service last week-they sent me an e-mail telling me they would get to me. A week later, no reply. I have not used it because I feel it is contaminated and if I do use it, pouring it out of one of their 4 oz. jars will be a mess. It is sitting on a shelf in my soap room on a plastic lid, still seeping out. Will not order it again. Not a happy customer and I have ordered a lot from them.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We now package our Vitamin E Oil in a jar since it is a such a thick liquid it is tricky to pour into the smaller necked bottles. Your jar should not have arrived leaking. Customer service has contacted you directly to resolve this issue.

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Not rancidity additive - skin care!

Just an FYI! This is tocopheral acetate - thick, viscous and clear. It's a skin care additive in lotions etc. It doesn't have good rancidity protective function - you want tocopheral/mixed tocopherols (like Coviox T50 mixed tocopherols) for that - light, dark brown, totally different product. Brambleberry I'd love if you got that in as well, as it's one of the few things I go elsewhere for! :)

SAP Value

I have your swirl quick mix and I'm trying to figure out the SAP Value of your vitamin E as it's an ingredient in your mix. I'm using a different soap calculator and it does not have vitamin E listed. I can not use BB's calc only because I need to know the values of my soap. PLEASE answer this question for me. I see a lot of questions going unanswered on here for sone reason. Thank you, adore all your products:)

Lisa Leigh
Whats the source?

Soy, Safflower, non-gmo?? Thank you