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Genuine and fresh!

This is the truest rose fragrance I've tried. It smells like a real rose. It's sweet with just a hint of a greenish note so it's not cloying or overpowering. I used it in MP goat's milk base with rose clay for natural color in a rose mold. They are the best soaps I've ever made. Thank you, Brambleberry!

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I LOVE this and I HATE Roses

I'm not at all a fan of rose scents. They always smell grandma-ish to me. Not this one. It's floral and, while rose lovers love it, so do I. I've also started using it in blends. I'll never try another rose fragrance.

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The best rose scent I have ever come across.

I have tested and used many rose oils over the years. I was always looking for a rose scent that had different layers of scents. Not so pungent and not so in your face. I love rose and this was the one. After all these years I am done looking. I have used this with my cp recipe and I was ready for it to accelerate and it wasn’t bad at all. I got in a swirl by doing an in the pot swirl and just worked quickly. I never got to see it accelerate. I will definitely buy this again and again. Of course my Wild Rose soap smells beautiful and irresistible. Perfect for Valentine’s day.

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Oh, heavenly!

This is so, so nice. It's like a dewy fresh spring rose. It accelerated in cold process, as expected, but not horrendously. I am certain I will be back to buy another bottle of this, and I'll probably try BB's other rose fragrances, too. Hope they're all this good!

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I finally found a rose I love

This is a very fresh light non overpowering rose with no old lady smell. It accelerated very mildly but I was ready for it so it wasn't an issue.