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Lovely Scent

I used this in the Modern Floral Cold Process soap kit, and am very pleased with the scent. Its not an "old lady" kind of rose, but a more modern scent with some other secrets to round out the scent. It had staying power too. I would buy this again and recommend it.

Verified Purchase
Heavenly! Scented like Spicy Tea Roses

This is not the “old fashioned” rose scent. I made a cold process soap and my whole house smells like spicy roses fresh picked from outside. The next day after cutting, I can smell a slight citrus orange scent. No A and slight Ivory D but a little TD and I’ve got a lovely white soap. Added a touch of crushed rose petals on top and a spritz of pearl glitter and this is perfect. I’m ordering a bigger bottle!

This is THE rose fragrance

This is the rose smell I have been waiting for. It's that fresh rose smell that is light and delicate. It almost smells like the real thing! I made some CP soap and it turned out beautifully with no discoloration. I stared using it as soon as I could!

My favorite rose!

I liked this scent as soon as I smelled it. It’s a modern Rose with hints of green and doesn’t smell a bit like a “Grandma” perfume. Now, having it in fully cured bars, I love it even more. The scent is strong and doesn’t fade. It accelerates, but is not impossible to work with. No discoloration.

Nice Rose Fragrance

Although it's not my personal favorite of the Modern Florals collection, It's not a displeasing scent by any means, and I can see where others would love it. On a personal level, I guess I was just hoping those other notes would come shining through more (especially the orange peel, vanilla and musk), but I couldn't detect any of that. To me, this is a very straight-up, traditional rose scent, with a sharpness to it. The rose in this blend is very prominent & authentic though, so I did blend some vanilla FO with it, and that turned out smelling very lovely, as it sweetened & rounded out those sharper "edges" beautifully! The scent has stuck very well in CP (almost 3 weeks later), and although there was some mild acceleration, it was very manageable and I had no other issues while soaping with this FO. Even though it's not my personal "cup of tea", I would still recommend this FO, as even though I couldn't detect much of the supporting notes listed in its description, anyone who enjoys authentic rose fragrances would enjoy this FO too, and the scent has stuck very nicely, which is a huge plus in my book!