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Soap slicer

My husband bought this slicer for me for Christmas. It is very well made, but came with no instructions. I could not find any instructions online or on youtube. It would be very nice if someone could make a video on how to use it.

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How do I use this cutter?

I can’t give this product an honest review because I’m not sure how to use it? Research your cutter before you buy one.

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Used this right after it was delivered! It was easy to use and made such a clean cut. Bars are beautifully displayed with the cut this makes. Took HOURS off shaping and cutting. Totally recommend.

Beautiful Taiwan Swirl Cut!

I had this shipped all the way to me in Australia I wanted it so badly - I cannot cut soaps straight! When it arrived my first Taiwan swirl had been curing for two weeks and was ready to be cut - perfect timing. Well, it cut perfectly and my soap looked amazing!! So pleased. It cuts my soaps made in the 10" mould nicely through the middle if the mould is filled up - I think with the slicer on the 4th notch up from the bottom. Sometimes the soap will not be as high (if I've used some batter from the batch for something else) and I have to adjust the slicer. If I can't get the slicer perfectly in the centre of my soap, I use a piece of cardboard under the soap to adjust the soap to the right level. (Use whatever thickness cardboard is necessary). The cutter also comes with a plastic bottom which can be used to lift the soap higher, but it is very thick and sometimes I need something thinner to get the right height which is why I use cardboard.

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Build strong, cuts well

So far, I'm using it to cut into bars. First bar came out shorter than I expected (forgot to take the plastic into consideration) but the rest came out beautifully. Cuts better than the stainless steel ones. Have you consider installed wire/adjusters in one end so it can also cut slab into loaf? That will be so awesome to have 2in 1.