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Angela Price
Diy nail polish

Could this be used in diy polish.?

really just a question

Is is possible to add this to a leave in conditioner for the hair? I know we can not say its a sunblock but it does have UV protectiveness in it. I am just wondering if it can be used for the hair. I spend a lot of time in the sun and need something to protect my hair and was thinking about making a protective leave in conditioner. Can you help?

LOVE ZINC and I must say..

I found this online that may help people. Its tiring to have to tell people to look stuff up and read on their own. "The problem with classifying products as nano or non-nano is that there is no certification body to officially determine what types of particles a product contains. The FDA has not stepped in to create a definition or regulation for nanoparticles, but the EU has vaguely defined non-nano as “the primary particle size is greater than 100nm” and Australia defines non-nano as “more than 90% of particles are above 100nm.” At the nano level, it is virtually impossible to ensure that a product is 100% nanoparticle free because the shapes of the particles make them hard to measure." In other words..there isnt a way to measure these so called NON nano particles so they deem them harmless. ONLY cause the FDA doesnt have a certification for something doesnt mean its dangerous. I would invite people to look up science VS pseudoscience. theres no nm!! thats the point...

Size of Zinc Oxide particles?

Hi! It's great that Brambleberry carries a non-nano zinc oxide, since it's safer than nano sized oxides. Do you know the specific size you carry? i.e. 300nm ? Thanks!

Colouring Zinc Oxide?

Hi, What would you suggest for colouring the Zinc Oxide? Cosmetic Mica? I want to make coloured zinc oxide nose sticks for kids (remember the ones we used to get back in the 80's?) I want it to colour the zinc stick, leave a face paint like colour on the face but I need to be able to wash it off, too! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Chantelle! What a great idea! I would recommend using our Pigments or Micas to help color your nose sticks. Though, keep in mind that Zinc Oxide acts as a white colorant so any color you use is going to be lightened by the white Zinc.