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Fun and easy

I really enjoyed making this soap. I've spent months of considering and researching trying to make my own soap before settling on this kit as a starter. I found it fun and easy and WOW does it smell great sitting on my counter. My whole house smells like apples and I love it. I will definitely be making more soap soon.

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Waiting to un-mold my first CP soap.

I used the Apple Sage fragrance oil and with me mixing to much it was thicker than a pudding consistance. Question for me should I wrap with plastic wrap and a towel?

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Smells great and easy to make!!!

I waited two months to make this because I have never made soap before and I am terrified of the lye. The steps that come with this soap make it really easy and I am happy with how it turned out. It smells so good and I am excited to make more soap soon. It helped a lot that I bought the beginners soap kit with the scale, spoons, and bowl. Thanks for such a great soap and hopefully many more.

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Great Product, Great Price

This product finally got me to take the leap into soap making after years of wanting to try it! The steps are very clear and easy to undersatnd, we had so much fun! it smells delicious and the soap is curing at the moment but it looks promising! we added a drop swirl to make it a little more appealing and it turned out perfect! Would definitley recommend to anyone who has been putting off trying cold process!

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great kit

I really love this kit! My soap is curing right now, so far so good. I did not use the fragrance it came with, I purchased the oatmeal milk and honey, and it smells delicious 😊 I like that there is plenty of lye for multiple batches, but I do wish there would have been enough oils for at least a second batch