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Why did the price increase $40

I first heard about bramble berry about a year ago. I began purchasing supplies in December and this same kit was $34.99, now it’s $75 with “free” shipping but purchasing the actual material given in the kit, a la carte doesn’t equal up to $75 and you still need additional supplies. I’m not sure why all the pricing of the kits have increased so much but I now think twice about purchasing

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Wow, So much fun!

I cant believe how much fun I had making this creation. While I do agree the kit was pricey at $75.99 ( I kept putting off buying until I had all of my utensils together, I could've bought it for $46.99) it was worth the experience and I know I've been bitten by the soapmaking bug!! Thank you so much Brambleberry! I was apprehensive trying this before but this kit gave me the confidence! And I rated 4 stars only because of influx on price. :)

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I gave it 5 stars until the price doubled

I got this kit last December. I loved making it, and my friends and family are still using the soap. I would have given it 5 stars, but I put one to warn people off buying it at this price. I paid $34.99 in December 2018. The price has more than doubled. What a shame.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Thanks for your feedback. We use quality ingredients to ensure you are creating the best soaps and bath products. With the quality of products, ingredients, and educational resources comes price fluctuations from time to time.

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I purchased this kit several months ago for my 1st attempt at making cold process soap and was glad I did. It was affordable, came with quality ingredients(leftovers) and the scent was awesome. I gained so much confidence by using this kit and the soap turned out great. I shared with my family and received great reviews. I came back looking to repurchase it again and saw the price is over twice the amount I paid. It seems like all the kits got crazy expensive. Very disappointed to see that because I won't buy another kit from Brambleberry but I'm happy this kit got me started.

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Fun and easy

I really enjoyed making this soap. I've spent months of considering and researching trying to make my own soap before settling on this kit as a starter. I found it fun and easy and WOW does it smell great sitting on my counter. My whole house smells like apples and I love it. I will definitely be making more soap soon.