International Shipping Policies

Bramble Berry can ship supplies internationally. You can place your order on the website. Email with any questions.

Shipping costs are based on distance and the weight and size of your package. Taxes and/or customs vary based on where you live and are charged at checkout. If you don’t pick up your package and it’s returned to Bramble Berry, we will refund you the product price only.

International Shipping Methods

UPS International: This service can take 1-2 weeks for delivery. It’s insured and tracking numbers are available. Any duty, tax, or brokerage fees are charged at checkout. We recommend UPS International because it’s the fastest and most reliable.

Shipping Restrictions
It’s your responsibility to know the specific import restrictions for your country. If your package is refused or destroyed, Bramble Berry won’t be able to refund your order or offer a replacement at no charge. This includes shipping to freight forwarders or known embargo countries like Iran, Cuba, and Syria.

  • Certain items can’t ship internationally, including lye, witch hazel, alcohol, and more. Information on restrictions is included in the checkout process.
  • Korea, Japan, and New Zealand won’t allow botanical items (seeds, flower parts, or any organic plant substances) to be imported without special documentation outside the scope of what Bramble Berry can do.
  • We can’t ship to Italy because it has import laws that don’t allow cosmetics or soap making supplies. 
  • We can’t ship to Greece because the country requires special paperwork from the FDA and inspections that are beyond our international shipping abilities.
  • We can’t ship to Russia or Crimea because of import regulations.
  • We can’t ship to Nigeria because of import regulations.
  • Shipments to Mexico require special licensing and it’s especially hard to import colorants and botanicals. Please make sure you have the correct business license before you order.  
  • Shipments to Brazil require a Tax ID number for private individuals and businesses. In Brazil, this is called the Cadastro Pessoa Fisica (CPF) and has a format like 000.000.028-00. For businesses, the number is called a Cadastro Nacional de Pessoa Juridica (CNPJ) and it has a format like 00.000.486/0001-0.
  • Shipments to Indonesia require an import license. 
  • Shipments to Serbia require a business license for invoices over $200 US.
  • Shipments to Spain require special licensing. Please make sure you have a business license before you order.  
  • We don't ship to embargoed or targeted sanctioned countries.