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I love this essential oil! I used it today in a cp soap and blended it with grapefruit and orange valencia essential oils. This oil helps to add a good earthiness to the citrus scents and has a wonderful floral scent on its own! I am very excited to see how this turns out.

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Good in CP, sticks

behaved well in CP. I used milk to turn the soap yellow and sprinked a band of activated charcoal in the middle.

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Great Product and Customer Service

Recently I ordered this a 1.75 oz. bottle of this and had a major leakage all over a large order. I quickly contacted Brambleberry and told them what had happened. I showed them pictures of the leakage and they were able to replace it for me. The package only took a week after the incident, so it was fast a reliable. The customer service at Brambleberry is exceptional and the essential oil smells amazing. Even though it leaked, it was the best smelling accident I've ever encountered. Great product BB!

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I'm obsessed with this EO and so are many of my clients. Question. I would like to expand this fragrance line. Is this EO suitable for lip balm?

One of my favs!

I love this Litsea EO, it is one of my favorite EOs to use! I use it in several combos in my CP soaps.