In this issue: Just in time for those Holiday parties - Hair Chalk! Checkout our new clays that come in a rainbow of colors and new spring scents.
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Make your very own cosmetic grade hair chalk.

Color Without the Commitment

Hair chalking is the latest trend in hair color and we have the perfect DIY recipe for you. It's skin safe and it washes out in one shampoo (unless you have very light hair, then it takes two washes). So add a little flair to your Holiday hairstyle without upsetting Mom.

Hair Chalk Recipe:


  • Gloves
  • Apron
  • Spray Bottle with water
  • Comb
  • Blow-Dryer, Flat Iron or Curling Iron
  • Hairspray

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Getting just the right consistency for the chalk.

To Make Hair Chalk

ONE: Mix dry colorant and kaolin together in a bowl big enough to stick both hands in.

TWO: Place arrowroot and water in a separate small container, and  microwave for 5 seconds. You do not want it gummy, just slightly thickened. If it’s not gummy after 5 seconds, try again on three second bursts.

THREE: Add the witch hazel to the dry powders, and hand mix together (while wearing gloves!). Once well mixed, add arrowroot slurry.  Really squish the mixture together, you don’t want it crumbly, or wet, or bits of undispersed clay. It should have texture just like kid's modeling clay. If it is too dry, spritz witch hazel over one spritz at a time until correct consistency is reached.
Applying Hair chalk and setting with a flat iron.

FOUR: Roll on a piece of parchment paper until you get the shape you like, and allow to air dry overnight. 

To Apply Hair Chalk

ONE: Put an old sheet or towel over the shoulders of the person you’re applying the color to. Wet designated area of hair desired to be chalked. I used a spray bottle of water.

TWO: Wearing gloves, apply the chalk to the wet area by dragging it along the strands. Use your fingers to rub the chalk into the hair really well.

THREE: Once you’ve reached the desired amount of coverage, comb through the hair to evenly distribute the chalk.

Finished chalked hair and a dazzling smile.
FOUR: Heat-set the chalk using either a blow-dryer, curling iron, or straightener. A curling iron or straightener may not be the best idea for those with sensitive hair. You can also straighten or curl the hair after you blow-dry it.

FIVE: Spray chalked hair with hair spray so that it doesn't brush off onto clothing.  

Hair Chalk on blonde hair, shows up much more brightly than on dark hair.

We used Electric Bubble Gum Neon Pigment, Ultraviolet Blue Neon pigment and Hydrated Chrome Green Oxide in Racheal and Becky's hair.
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