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Can you use this mold for bath bombs ?

I wanna use this for soap, but can I also use this mold for my bath bombs? If so, what would you recommend me use to easily pop the bath bombs out of this mold? Thank you.

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Easy to use!

I bought this mold over a year ago. It has been easy to use. I do coat it with a thin layer of mineral oil, but I can remove my CP soap within 24 hours with no problem. I do create my own recipes and balance the hardening oils to the liquid oils, which helps. I water discount a little bit. I also started using sodium lactate at the middle range of recommended amount per recipe. It does make a difference in the hardness of the bar. My bars pop out easily. The cubes are unique. But you can also fill the cavities half or 3/4 of the way or cut them after poping them out. Just some ideas for variety.

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Love this mold

This mold is sturdy, doesn't flop or bend much. Perfect 2.25x2.25 cube size for my soap on a ropes. Each mold is holding a little over 4.5oz of soap batter(didn't fill to brim). Love how there are 25 spaces so I can do multiple soap projects all at once on the same mold. Haven't unmolded yet, but I did use sodium lactate.

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Stacey G
What a great mold!

I love this mold! I was a little worried about the CP coming out of the mold smoothly.. I used my own recipe and added the sodium lactate. About 15 hrs later, I was able to easily push the soap out. The bars had formed into the mold perfectly. They were not soft or mushy, instead were hard and nicely formed. I love the look I can get from making these little cubes. They are petite and different than the traditional loaf mold bars. This is my new favorite mold!

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Love the Cube Mold!

I like this mold so much that I bought a second one! I took the advice from the tutorial about using ingredients that will make hard bars of soap and formulated my own recipes. My favorites so far are Peppermint Foot Scrub with Pumice & Poppy Seeds and OM&H topped with oats - absolutely adorable results! I wait at least 7 days before trying to remove the bars. When I do, I turn the mold over and gently rub along the outside edges of each cube until I can see that the bars are beginning to release. When they are all loose, I start at one corner of the mold and gently push each one out. This system works great every time and the bars come out perfectly. I also found that it's helpful to pour the soap into each compartment with a long spouted measuring cup. It's a fabulous mold that makes very unique bars that really stand out from the "standard" bar.