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Food Grade?

I was just wondering can this AC be used for whitening teeth?

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Perfect Black Bath Bombs!

And so many other uses! My daughter uses this in face masks and bath salts. Love this product and will be ordering more. Packaging is great, no problems with spills.

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Super Excited

I ordered this to enhance the black color in my bath bombs. Could NOT be happier. I made sure to use polysorbate 80 as a precaution (as suggested on soapqueens blog) and I had zero problems. Came in a neat tidy jar, no spillage or mishaps. Will be ordering again.

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The jar busted (update great customer service)

I order this and it came in busted but after contacting customer service they sent me another one very quickly and were very kind and understanding. I just want to say thank you for your amazing products and customer service

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I like the charcoal in my soap. It dispersed well and made my bar a nice grey color. I read the other reviews about packaging and can agree somewhat. I didn't have a problem with mine. It came in a small plastic jar (no tape or extra baggie). It did have a small amount of charcoal dust on the jar itself, but the lid stayed in place and it wasn't all over my other products. I personally placed the jar inside a baggie for storage in my home, so I don't get charcoal dust on anything else. Works for me!