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Verified Purchase
Works, but several non-90° angles on the one I received

I love Brambleberry and they are my favorite soap-supplier right now. I ordered this soap cutting box after using a miter box from a hardware store to cut all my soaps, but it wasn't very accurate. When I opened my package, I noticed that there were a few angled that simply were off. Not only this, but there is a gap between the sliding adustable wood part and the two sides of the box that measures about 1/4". This doesn't sound like a lot, but it makes it extremely difficult to line up the sliding portion of the box to be a perfect right angle. I guess I just expected a little higher quality for $40. No sure I would buy this again, unfortunately.

Verified Purchase
Cuts a straight bar

I found it a little hard to adjust, but it does cut a straight bar of soap which I can't do by hand very easily. So for the money it is a nice cutter until I can afford a multi bar cutter.

Verified Purchase
Not as expected

It does work and cutts better than I am by hand. It is awkward to get the cut soap out. I wish I had just saved up to the be wire cutter I wanted.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
It sounds like you would prefer our Multi-Bar Cutter which does not have that same boxed in design.