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Love this shimmery color

Just got this one last week. Used it in my CP soap & I love the color it came out. It has a bit of shimmer to it that really adds a nice look. I agree with the description as far as it changing to s more aqua color after Saponification. It looks a bit green when you first pour it. But within 24 hours it looks more aqua or teal than it does green. Beautiful mica!

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Perfectly Gorgeous

I absolutely love this mica. It stays true to its color and it is so beautiful! I bought quite a bit of it and I'm so glad because I've been using it in almost all of my batches of CP soap. Would probably be lovely in bath bombs as well.

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gorgeous color

True to description, no morphing in cp. doesn't take much to get a beautiful color! Will buy again!

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I was afraid it was going to morph, but...

I added this mica to a batch of the basic quick mix soap, and was bothered when it turned a bizarre olive green on me. I should not have worried so--it turned right back to a lovely shade of aqua 24 hours later and created a lovely bar of soap! I absolutely love this color.

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I LOOOOOVE this mica. It is definitely my new favorite. I used it for the first time last night in my cold process, and am itching to use it again! The color is JUST GORGEOUS! LOVE IT! It is bright and happy with plenty of shimmer! I had to stop myself from dumping the whole jar in or smearing it all over everything! Beautiful!