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Need smaller packaging

This was ordered as part of a "kit". The kit calls for .5 TSP (that's 1/2) and I get a one POUND bag!!??

lnj f
is this dry flo

Is this the same as dry Flo? I agree with the packaging .

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Can't get enough

I use this in my body powder formula and I love the silky feel. I get great reviews on my body powder and it sells really well. Thanks for having great products!

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Arrowroot powder

I love this arrowroot powder. It works great and is a nice alternative to using baking soda in my deodorants. My only real problem isn't with the product itself but I just wish it was sold in smaller quantities like maybe 4 ounces. I only make my deodorants for a couple people so at the most I'm making three at a time(and they last a while) and don't need a whole pound of arrowroot powder.

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Please Work on Packaging

The powder is fine, what is left of what I ordered. Unfortunately, the baggie that it's in tears easily, so much so that I lost over half of my product all on the floor. I understand keeping price down but maybe a resealable bag may work, this was just literally a mess. Powder=great Package= bad.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Niccole! I'm so glad you love our Arrowroot powder.  Though, I'm sorry the baggie tore and you lost so much product!  Thank you so much for your packaging suggestion!  We will definitely keep that in mind!  I will email you personally to resolve this issue.