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I absolutely love this delicate sweet scent. I was not expecting it to smell so amazing and I cannot wait to use it!

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Powerhouse scent

I love this scent on its own. I was expecting a soft, almost powdery fragrance, but it packs a bit of a wallop if too much is used. Honestly, it is one of the few "feminine" Brambleberry FOs that does not take a high volume to be noticed in my body products, especially my oil based body butters that can suck up scent. The only drawback is that it overpowers other scents when I try to blend it with other FOs. I tried to add it to that lovely Blushing Orchid fragrance, which is pretty powerful by itself. As soon as I added 1 ml of Baby's Breath to about 2 1/2 ml of Blushing Orchid, all I could smell was the Baby's Breath. It is a potent oil, to say the least.

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my favorite!!

I did notice in my cold process soap the fragrance didn’t hold up as well as when I used it in my Melt and pour, but I have used it making my own perfume’s, pillow spray‘s, lotions absolutely everything and it’s everyone’s favorite they can’t get enough of it this is a definite win in fragrances!!!

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Reminds me of bombshell from Victoria secret. Everyone was pleased with this scent, will be purchasing more soon!!

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Something is different

I purchased baby's breath after i got the free sample. I liked it so much i purchased it again. With my new purchase i dont smell anything. I have a launch party coming up and this was highly requested but now I can't even offer this scent because I basically have to pour the whole 8 oz bottle in just to smell a hint of anything. Ive waisted so much product trying to smell the scent.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
That's strange, the Baby's Breath Fragrance Oil should not smell like nothing. It sounds like you may have gotten an incorrect product. Customer service has contacted you directly to help with this.