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Odd but relatively MILD smell

I am genuinely surprised by the other negative reviews regarding the smell. Yes, the scent is reminiscent of oily chicken broth, but it is less strong/noticeable than other smelly oils I have on hand including: coconut, oat, olive, lingonberry seed, and especially moringa seed oil. I’d say the smell is about as strong as raspberry seed oil. When mixed with other oils or in a final product, I do not find it overpowering or particularly noticeable as the other reviewers experienced. I personally find the smell of Germaben to be more of a nuisance. Hopefully this gives you a sense of what you would be dealing with if you purchase this oil.

Verified Purchase
Smells like wet dog

The oil smells terrible. It feels ok on hair. Seems like it could work well as a moisturizer. But holy moly. The smell is unbearable. Not sure if the one I received had gone rancid, but I don't see myself using this oil, despite any potential hair/skin benefits.

Verified Purchase
Smells like Chicken Broth

I wanted to like this oil! It has incredible skin properties. It leaves skin feeling soft, silky, and well moisturized. Unfortunately no matter what combination of fragrance or essential oils I tried, it still left a lingering raw chicken scent on the skin. It was horrible! Will not be buying again and might throw away the leftovers from my serum.