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Verified Purchase

I ordered 2 25lb blocks of the "cloudy" clear and I have to tell you, this soap is fantastic. It is hardly cloudy at all and works for the majority of my projects. I live in the North GA mountains and even though it is very humid here, the soap has held up just fine. I have gone through a whole 25lb block and I am about to crack open the second block I ordered. I am planning on purchasing more soon. I highly recommend this soap base for anyone learning and starting out, it is the perfect base.

Sweats a LOT

This base feels slimy and is very sticky. After a few hours, your melt and pour soap will have a thick fuzz of glycerine. Afer a few days, it will be covered with the white stuff! It is too humid for the Philippines.

Verified Purchase
New to Melt and Pour

I have been a Hot Process soap maker for the past few years. I was set from making all my products from scratch. In an effort to save time I starting thinking about buying premade bases and adding the glycerin soaps to my product list. I am really having a ton of fun with it. I was nervous that this soap would be drying compared to my all natural hot process soaps, but it is not. It is very nice, light, and a 4oz bar lasts forever! They have been a big hit with my customers.

First Time User

This was my first project with soap making so figured I'd start simple and use a melt and pour base. The Clear Melt and Pour Base was very easy to use. It doesn't dry completely clear, but it was perfect for what I was trying to accomplish. Excited to give out the finished product for holiday gifts.

Verified Purchase
Easy to work with

This is the first base I've used so I don't have much to compare it to but...It was easy to work with and unscented/clear as it should be and as other soaps I looked at online were complained about for not being. My only wish is that this was more moisturizing - I'll probably add shea butter to my soaps or something! Also, I wish the shipping price was advertised before I got to the purchase page because I thought I was getting an awesome deal on Bramble Berry - I definitely did quality wise from what I can gather, but price wise, it's the same as anywhere else.