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Great oil

No DOS, will buy again!

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I love canola oil in soap. It’s inexpensive, but it’s not a cheap filler oil. In my experience, it doesn’t lock away fragrance oils the same way olive oil can, and there’s more slip and less slime than olive oil in a finished bar. Having high oleic oils means I can completely sub canola for the olive oil in my recipes without dropping the SF to 1%. Thank you very much for stocking this, and I hope it stays.

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I first tried canola oil in a recipe that I needed lots of time to swirl with (CP), the traditional store bought Canola I used did get DOS very quickly. I was sad about this because the soap itself was nice and white and conditioning. I was happy to find that Brambleberry offered an alternative to regular Canola and tried it. My results are that this HIgh Oleic Canola if very stable and I have yet to have a case of DOS using it! I'm very pleased!