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Sweet and Elegant

This is one of my top favorites of the Hygge Collection. A sweet sophisticated scent that worked perfectly with my delicate hanger swirls in my cold process soap. Discolored to a tan even though using TD in the base. Overall a very lovely fragrance would use again.


I love all the fragrances from the Hygge Collection, but this one is my favorite. This scent is comfort to me! It smells amazing! I was expecting it to accelerate as noted, so I used some of the batch oils to temper it and soaped in the low 90’s Fahrenheit. I didn’t stick blend; I stirred and there was no acceleration. I had to use a mini mixer to get it to trace. I added titanium dioxide to the whole batch so I could color it. It hasn’t discolored at all. It behaved well and it’s a lovely scent. I would definitely recommend.

A calming unisex scent

This is a beautiful, soft, calm fragrance. I expereinced very little acceleration soaping at room temperature. I achieved a beautiful cream color with titanium dioxide.

Verified Purchase

This scent is very pleasant and does remind me of luscious cashmere. It’s quiet sweet smelling to me. The label said it accelerates in CP but I didn’t have a problem blending in my colorants and doing a spoon plop method that turned out great!