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Really nice

It’s good. I added some TD and it still discolored so keep that in mind, also I used it at the strong rate and it’s a little light.

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Monica B.
Love this FO!!

I absolutely love this fragrance. I need a bigger bottle in my life. It’s definitely one of my favorites.

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Not something I normally like

My fragrance preferences are more along the fuity blends. At first, I was on the fence with this one, but it started to grow on me. After adding it to my cold process, I'm in love with this scent. I'm going to add it to my year round soaps. Beatiful complex, well rounded scent.

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I normally do not write bad reviews BUT I cannot believe that this fragrance oil got all five star reviews. It is strong and made me sick. This could be because it had leaked all over the packaing but I couldn’t even wash it off my hands. Next time I will wear gloves when unpacking fragrances. I had to throw away this fo as well as the Birchwood Oud I had ordered because bith bottles smelled so strong I was getting sick. I can be sensitive to fragrances so I asked my son his opinion and he said it smelled like his grandmother ( who wears Red Door perfume, which also gags me). So, while I may have gotten an overwhelming dose of Cashmere and have NOT tested it in a product, from an OOB point of view its WAY too strong and stinks like old ladies!

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Simply Beautiful!

You can’t help but love this fragrance! It very complex but warm and beautiful. I made. Bath bombs using this fragrance oil and even though I made six different types that all smelled wonderful, when folks got to this one, it was hands down the winner. I just have to make soap with this now!