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put the recipe online

I bought all the items for this seperately back in august because I would have sworn I saw the recipe and thought it was great. Now I cannot find the recipe so perhaps I was mistaken that is fine. I am human and maybe I thought I saw it and have not. Please put the recipe back up. I am on my 4th email to a customer service representative who is basically bogarting this recipe like I have asked for you bank account information. Please can I have the recipe so I can use all the stuff that is just sitting in my kitchen waiting to be made.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
We've redesigned to to make them all encompassing so they are as easy to use as possible. With this update the instructions and labels did become part of the kit and are not available elsewhere like past Soap Queen projects. Find out more about this decision in our How We Redesigned Our Kits blog post and video.

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Beautiful and Fun to Make

This soap kit is really nice! It is professionally put together and would make a nice gift for a begiinner. I have made a lot soap, but it was fun to make and the soap will make excellent holiday gifts. The cashmere fragrance oil was to strong for me at the recommended amount. The second batch I made, I added half the amount. It smells like butterscotch and slightly artificial vanilla, but I am used to essential oils used lightly.

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This soap turned out amazing! I put it in Halloween molds and they were so cute. The smell is amazing I had to buy more for gifts.

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Cashmere soap kit

Love the kit, love the new packaging. Only to comments for improvement. The directions were a bit hard to understand on the amount of base. It says 22 ounces, might be easier for new soapers to say 1 1/2 blocks. Also no mention of spraying with the alcohol at the end to prevent bubbles. Other than that I love this kit!