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Awesome Product

I can't say enough good things about this castor oil. I primarily use it in a heavy duty hand balm recipe and it works wonders. It goes on oily at first, but it eventually soaks into the skin leaving it soft and hydrated. Love it!

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Lin Mei
Good Castor oil

Castor oil I purchased from Brambleberry a few months ago was quite liquid. It didn't look right. The oil on this order is thick which is normal to Castor oil.

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Mrs. Amber
Gotta have castor!

Castor oil is a MUST in all my CP recipes, and I use it at the maximum rate of 10% with excellent results! The copious lather castor oil produces in soap is incredible, and a little goes a long way! I'm a "go big, or go home" kinda gal, so I enjoy a 10% usage rate, but even 3 to 5% will yield an excellent bar of soap! You can't beat the quality OR price of BB's castor! I was previously purchasing from another supplier, but I think I'll stick with BB from now on! I really like the bottle design this castor comes in as well. It's sooo much easier to get a precise pour from it, and even if you get a little dribble, it's a lot easier to clean up too, so you don't end up with a sticky bottle the next time you go to use it. I've often wondered why Castor Oil isn't called "Castor Syrup" instead, but this syrupy oil is one I'll be purchasing from nowhere else but Brambleberry from now on!

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Great Quality & Great Price

I use Castor Oil in all of my CP soaps to increase the bubbly lather. But it also works great in lip gloss to give a bit of shine to your product. The only thing I don't particularly like is the packaging. And it's not just Brambleberry but other suppliers as well. I wish more consideration would be given to the ease of pouring the oils from the bottles. I wish the smaller size bottles came with a flip top or disc cap to prevent the oils from dribbling down the bottles.

Verified Purchase

Great oil for soaps and the best price around! I like to use about an ounce of this in a pound of soap!