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Flavor Morphing

I bought this about a year ago and noticed earlier this spring that it didn't seem to smell quite the same, but I know you can never judge a product by the oob smell. Last summer I made some lip balms with it and they turned out great and I got a lot of good reviews. This year I made some more even using less FO and they taste horrible. They taste and smell like chemicals. I thought the shelf life for FOs was 2 years, this one was not even a year. Also irritates my lips. Definitely going to have to get rid of some lip balms.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
(assign) Hi Andrea! I'm so glad you loved our Coconut Flavor Oil though I'm sorry you've been disappointed with its change in smell after that long. We do recommend using all of our fragrance and flavor oils within one year for ultimate freshness. They are still safe to use after a year but the scent can morph or fade. It still should not be irritating your lips if used at or below the maximum usage rate of 1.9%. Customer service had contact your directly to help troubleshoot .

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My bad!

I did not read the discolor part and guess what?!!! My big batch did smell amazing but looks aweful

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I really enjoy this flavor oil. It's definitely a sweet coconut, and I love using it in lip balm!

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Works as expected

I would like to make some balm for friends, but before I do so wanted to verify the ingredients. What exactly is in this flavoring oil?

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This did not smell like coconut to me. It smells like chemicals. I know oob scent can be deceiving, so I bravely tried a small amount in my lip balm recipe and it was awful.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Donna! I'm sorry this flavor oil wasn't your favorite. We love the tropical scent of our Coconut Flavor Oil. If you're looking for other tropical fruity flavors, you may prefer Passionfruit Rose Fragrance And Flavor Oil, Papaya Flavor Oil, or Pineapple Flavor Oil.