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Great for hair conditioners & lotions

I add a little bit of this to my body lotions. It helps to leave a nice moisturized feeling on the skin. And you don’t need that much to add a silky feeling to your lotions. I use leave on hair conditioners & this item is perfect for that. In fact, you see this ingredient in pricey store bought conditioners. It helps with detangling & leaving a silky shine to your hear. Just be sure to premix it in a little warm water before adding it to your condioner. Great product & will continue to buy.

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Works great & nice additive!

I use this in my made from scratch conditioner & add it to the premade shampoo base. Adds a nice sheen to hair.

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5 Stars

great value

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This product comes in a powdery form. I use it in my shampoo soap disolving it first in the water to make sure there are no clumps. It makes soap trace very fast so very little stick blending is needed. Bramble Berry sells this excellent product at the best price I can find. Thank-you!

I am loving it

I have been using Panthenol for a very time. I use it in hair mask, lotion, bath bomb. Make you melt it warm water first so that it can dissolve evenly. I sometimes put it in my luxury soaps receipe. Plus, you get a lot for the price.