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Goes great with Peppermint

I mix this oil with BB Peppermint 2nd distill. It creates a very powerfull wake you up kind of scent. The scent has staying power up to 6 months later in my CP soap. My friends and family love it.

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LOVE This one....

I'm very happy with this EO from BB. It worked well in my cold process soap and is a personal favorite. You can't beat the price! This awakens the mind and opens the lungs. Great scent for anyone who needs to open up their airways.


I always loved the smell of Eucalyptus and wanted to try some in soap. Turned out perfect with the use of the calculator provided by Bramble Berry. Paired this oil with 10x Orange to create a wonderful smelling loaf of soap. Thanks guys for the great oils!

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Highly recommended

I use this eucalyptus EO in CP soaps all the time, great results. Blends well with lemon or lime EO. In my opinion, this is much better than using the individual lemon-eucalyptus EO, which smells like citronella to me. I make a Vick's-like soap with this, which is surprisingly popular (and I love it too!) I also add this eucalyptus as a minor component in my rosemary-mint, and anise-mint soaps, makes them extra invigorating. I wonder why Brambleberry has the 7 oz jar priced higher than 2x 3.5 oz jars?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Kurt! I'm glad you like this essential oil! I'm actually not sure why the 7 oz. size is more expensive. I will let our ordering and product department know. Thank you for catching that!

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

My mom loves eucalyptus. She came over for a day of soap-making and wanted to create a soap using this great smelling essential oil. We used Bramble Berry's fragrance calculator to determine how much EO to use in our batch of soap and scented at a medium level. The soap was scented perfectly and she continues to profess how great it smells throughout its cure time. She can't wait to use it and hopes it will retain its excellent scent when it's curing process is completed. Bramble Berry's essential oils have not let me down and this eucalyptus essential oil is no exception. I cannot wait to use the rest of the oils I have purchased from Bramble Berry!