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Not perfect, but very close

Very rarely can a FO smell like an EO. This is the closet I've ever found. Worked like a dream in CP soap. the scent seems to stick very well after a couple far so good.

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Alternative to the EO

I have now bought 2 bottles of this FO. I love Lavender but there's no way I'm dumping a bottle of French Lavender into a wash off product. I also use BBs Lavender 40/42 in some of my soaps but wanted to give this single note FO a try. It is an FO & should not be compared to some of the pricey Lavender EOs. This FO has a much sweeter smell to me than the 40/42. But the FO performs beautifully in CP. Had no acceleration at all. It is definitely a good alternative to the pricey EOs.

If you have a sensitive nose, dont buy.

I have never liked the scent of Lavender, but so many people like it so i purchased this one, first off it was really strong and gave me a headache. I made Lavender Goat's milk CP soap. I was on a facebook page and ranted about the head ache and how i cant stand the scent. A lot of people suggested EO instead of the FO, so i purchased a 100 % Bulgarian Lavender to try and there really is a huge difference in fragrance. I love the Bulgarian Lavender and use it regularly now. Just remember the FO is chemically made, with synthetics to achieve a fragrance. Where the EO is made from the Lavender itself.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Andrea! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love our Lavender Surplus Fragrance Oil and find this single-noted scent to be super realistic smelling. Though fragrance oils are synthetic formulations so if you're wanting a natural scent you would want to stick with our Essential Oils. You may prefer our Hungarian Lavender Essential Oil or the Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil.

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Great fragrance...wish it was phthalate-free!!

This fragrance holds up extremely well in my CP soap, and comes across very strong in melt and pour. You definitely should use the lower amount when putting it through Bramble Berry's Fragrance Calculator for M&P. I would LOVE it if you could find a formulation in Surplus Lavender that was phthalate-free, though. I always feel awkward disclosing that these soaps I make with this fragrance contain phthalates, but want everyone to be aware. Thanks for your consideration!!!

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I love hungarian Lavender, it's my favorite but lets face it's so expensive. I have been looking for a lavender on the sweet side and this is it. I made lotion today and I absolutely love it. Is it Hungarian Lavender? no but..its really nice!