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Great fragrance...wish it was phthalate-free!!

This fragrance holds up extremely well in my CP soap, and comes across very strong in melt and pour. You definitely should use the lower amount when putting it through Bramble Berry's Fragrance Calculator for M&P. I would LOVE it if you could find a formulation in Surplus Lavender that was phthalate-free, though. I always feel awkward disclosing that these soaps I make with this fragrance contain phthalates, but want everyone to be aware. Thanks for your consideration!!!

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I love hungarian Lavender, it's my favorite but lets face it's so expensive. I have been looking for a lavender on the sweet side and this is it. I made lotion today and I absolutely love it. Is it Hungarian Lavender? no but..its really nice!

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Mouth Watering!!!

My husband came in the house and exclaimed "OMG you baked apple pie!" This is a true story. This is now one of my favorite fragrances. It has exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

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Not Bad

Not as good as the lavender EO of course but it's not too bad either. I think I'll stick to the lavender EO tho

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Best Seller

My customers love this simple fragrance. The feedback I get is that this fragrance "Isn't foo-foo and too flowery smelling." On of my best sellers, along with the surplus honeysuckle and strawberry.