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It's as close to the EO as you can get. It has a bit of a camphor note out of the bottle, but that faded in an hour in an apply-to-Qtip test. It should fade in soap quite quickly. The resulting scent is a gorgeous lavender with a tiny hint of powdery note under it.

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I personally cannot tell the difference in this from the E.O. It smells great, performed well in cold process and still smells wonderful after weeks of curing. What's not to love?

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I Love this FO!!! When I first started ordering soap supplies I ordered everything from BB, then I started shopping around...I just recvd an order of Lavender FO from a different company .... I will never do that again!!! it smells more like lilly.. I like lilly but I dont want my Lavender to smell like Lilly! this Lavender scent is the bomb!!! thank you BB!!

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Worked fabulously in CP, no acceleration, had time for a hangar swirl. True lavender scent, everybody loves it! Better than Lavender 40/42 EO!

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Not perfect, but very close

Changed from 4 to 5. The smell is even better at 6 weeks! It's almost perfect now that it's cured. You'd be hard pressed to find an FO any closer. When sniffing a bottle of FO then the soap, there is such a small difference that it doesn't matter. Very rarely can a FO smell like an EO. This is the closet I've ever found. Worked like a dream in CP soap. the scent seems to stick very well after a couple far so good.