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Lingonberry Spice Frag

This smells so good. My newest fav scen t. I’ll do teachers gifts of soaps, candles

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Love Lingonberry

It has all the ingredients I use to make my CP Spice soap in one bottle. Plus it was wonderful to work with. I had no discoloration.

Perfect holiday scent!

I was almost afraid to order the candle kit using this fragrance but was pleasantly surprised when I lit my candle! Its a well balanced mix of sweetness, evergreen, and berries. One question that was asked in the reviews of the candle kit as well is why the kit says to use the whole bottle of this FO (1.75) for 16 oz. of wax but the fragrance calculator states 1.3 for strong? Anyone following the calculator here will NOT get a strong enough scent throw in the candles. Please correct this or explain the discrepancy, thanks! Otherwise, a lovely scent and my favorite so far in the Hygge collection

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Can you tell me if this will work good in melt and pour

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Mrs. Amber
In love with Lingonberry!!

There's not a single scent in the Hygge collection that I don't absolutely LOVE!! This scent, like the others is so uniquely beautiful!! I can clearly detect each note in this blend and all come together to just SING in CP! OOB, my husband insisted this smelled like candy to him... I think he was picking up more of those apple & berry top notes, but this truly IS a warm, yet crisp blend of fruits, spices, evergreens & brisk air! It's an amazingly apt holiday aroma, but one so complexly elegant that those who love crisp outdoorsy scents blended with a dash of comfort and uplifting berry tonalities would be obsessed year-round! It's "holiday" without being strictly so! Behaves perfectly in CP & with a good amount of TD (as suggested by Anne Marie in her soaping video using this fragrance), I had zero discoloration! My white portion has stayed white, and my colors have remained unchanged! Without a doubt, this is a wonderfully cozy & stunning aroma that I wholeheartedly recommend! UPDATE: 4 days after initial review, the scent is INCREDIBLE, and colors in my bar are still beautifully vibrant, with my white portion remaining so! If you would like this FO to not discolor (although the discolor in the pic above looks lovely too!), TD will do the trick! I normally use .5tsp/PPO of TD, but in this situation I used 1tsp/PPO & haven't had even a hint of discoloration! I did CPOP this batch, so I employed a liquid discount to avoid glycerin rivers (1.8:1/liquid:lye), and that concentration worked great, as I had no issues! My bars went thru full gel, no rivers & my colors still look perfect! All TD's are NOT created equal though (I learned that the hard way! Lol), so make sure you're using quality TD (Both BB's & NS's TD's are top notch!), and you'll be good! HAPPY CRAFTING EVERYONE!