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super easy

this base is very good, but I add a little bit of castor oil to it to make it less waxy, more like a gloss. I don't sell, this is just for me and my family. I have lip balms in every packet, because I can't stand dry lips. I used to do my own lip balm base but this is just so easy I don't have to buy all ingredients, just this one bag and its done. Love it!

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Love it with a lil castor oil added😌

Love this product

I've been struggling with getting a lip balm base correct for sometime now. Brambleberry has made my life so much easier. The base goes on smooth and feels great on lips. Adding micas is super easy. I am very happy with this purchase. One question I received my base in a four oz jar with a gold lip. Where can I get these jars & lids? Thanks again!

Love the Base; Container, Not so Much

Love this lip balm base and won't use anything else. I do not like the bag for the large size and wish it was in a bucket. Since many reviewers are saying the same thing, I think Brambleberry ought to listen. I do have a question: If I wanted to add one of Brambleberry's oil based extract or Vitamin E, how much could I add without compromising the base?

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Don't like packaging

Bought a 16 oz, and I don't like the plastic bag it comes in. Would prefer a jar as shown on your site. It would be much more convenient to scoop any amount as you need it.