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Base rates a 5, Packaging rates a 0

I love the base, I really, really love the base, but the packaging for the gallon size has got to go. Please listen to customers. Such a disappointment. I've had to transfer to my own container.

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Great Base Product

I like that this Lip Balm Base has only 4 ingredients, so I can add others to it and make the recipe "mine," but it's also great without anything added (other than flavor). I wasn't entirely sure how I liked the packaging at first – very thick plastic bag with hard plastic screw-top opening (like a bottle would have) -- but now that I've figured out how much to squeeze out per one of my containers for lip balm, I like it a lot! I prefer it to scooping from a jar. The base is pretty solid in the bag, but still squeezable with a little effort. Holding a ruler next to the opening, I squeeze out 7/8 of an inch into the container I'm going to use to melt it, and "cut" off that amount with a clean knife (scraping the knife cleanly against the opening), and it's exactly the right amount, every time. I do think though that this product page should have an accurate photo depicting the product packaging, based on how this product is used by customers. Reading the other reviews, it sounds like this is a fairly recent change to packaging, and the website should've been updated timely with a new photo or at least a bold description update. Otherwise, I this is a great base!

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Perfect Lip Balm Base..BUT...

I absolutely love this lip balm base. It is amazing on it own or with a little Castro oil added to it. But, I detest the packaging. The bags work for coconut oil, palm oil, etc, but the bag is terrible for the lip balm base. A bucket would be preferred so I don't have to heat it all up every time I just need to make 40 or 50 tubes. I am going to have to transfer all of mine to a bucket. I'm just surprised Brambleberry hasn't listened to its customers concerning this issue. Again, the product is wonderful and I will continue to buy it, it just needs to be repackaged.

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Vanilla Galore
I love the product, but hate the packaging

I bought the gallon, and it was over stuffed and the tore when I heated it in the microwave. I contacted customers wanting to know did they sale gallon pails that I could buy to save the rest. No, so I guess I will have to find a pail at Amazon, the product is great, I have added more additives making it so wonderful to fit in with my product line.

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super easy

this base is very good, but I add a little bit of castor oil to it to make it less waxy, more like a gloss. I don't sell, this is just for me and my family. I have lip balms in every packet, because I can't stand dry lips. I used to do my own lip balm base but this is just so easy I don't have to buy all ingredients, just this one bag and its done. Love it!