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Definitely need to order more, easy to make

I really have enjoyed making these bath bombs. Smell is strong enough to last in a bath.


Oh so very happy!! Such an amazing first experience making these bath bombs. Clear instructions, it comes with everything you need ! My bath bombs were the bomb ... hahahaha. I did have a question about the Polysorbate 80. Do I have to use Polysorbate 80? Is it natural since it's in the natural bath bomb kit?

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Super -- but skip the rose petals?

Real talk, I bought this kit to make myself bath bombs, so I personally tested them. First they are super easy to make. I had more bomb than I had molds, but I just put the rest in random containers (candle mold, silicon ice cube tray, ziplcok bag) and it worked great. My only complaint is that those dang rose petals got stuck in my bathtub drain. I will def buy this kit again, but keep skip adding the petals (though, they did *look* really pretty on the finished product).

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I made these last night but they are very soft when I removed them from the mold. I didn't use any witch hazel because I felt it was wet enough and the clumps held. I am hoping they harden more. Is this normal for them to be soft?