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High temp?

Is it ok to add this to hot process soap with the temperature getting that high I'm worried about harmful peroxides?

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Surprisingly Great

I was very reluctant to try this oil for my sensitive skin, and it has behaved beautifully. I have used it in my face serum, and also in a Geranium CP Soap. The results have been fantastic. The oil absorbs into my skin with a non greasy, soft finish. My eczema thanks you! The small quantity ran out much quicker than I had anticipated. I stored it in the freezer.

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Fabulous for Just About Everything!

I love love love this Hemp Seed Oil. Great for a variety of products and better for your skin!

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Hobbiest of all crafts

Last night I made for the first time a whipped body butter. Using the Hemp Seed Oil made my whipped body butter feel like velvet! It is amazing! I bought a 1 pound to try but will purchase a 7 pound next time and use it in all my lotion bars and creams! Its excellent!

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stephanie ribeiro
It got rancid pretty fast

i don't know how much this oil is supposed to last, but mine got rancid pretty quickly, i highly recommend customers to refrigerate this product. I don't know if the oil i got wasn't fresh enough, but in either case brambleberry should warn customers to store in cold.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Stephanie! The Natural Hemp Seed Oil has a shelf life of 6 months to 1 year. Though, as noted on the product page, we do recommend refrigerating or freezing this oil to keep it fresh!