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This has CHANGED!

A word of warning if you have used and loved this amazing scent in the past. IT IS NOT THE SAME!!!!! This was my absolutely favorite scent over the past 5 years, and I have made many batches with it. My customers loved it. The last time I ordered, I splured and went ahead and ordered 2 large bottles because it was such an all-time favorite. From the time I would open the old bottle until the time I used up the last sliver of a soap bar, it had an amazing, strong fragrance. What have you done to this, folks? It says it is reformulated; so whatever that is, guess that is what happened to it. I am now stuck with two big bottles of this inferior fragrance. Brambleberry has many amazing fragrance oils. Unfortunately, this is no longer one of them. Very disappointed!

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Best Seller!

Everyone loves this fragrance in my cp soaps. I sellout on this soap fast. Performs well in my CP goats milk recipe. I am ordering a larger bottle this time.

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Warm, not overpowering, delicious. Perfect scent for anything! Extremely popular

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I love this smell it was my first order from Bramble Berry and their fragrances did not disappoint. I was so excited to see the special gift they put in my box but alas I did not receive anything. I was very disappointed with that. The products were amazing though.

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No Oatmeal here

I am very disappointed in this fragrance. I bought the 16oz bottle thinking you can't go wrong with OMH. I was quite wrong. This FO has NO oatmeal scent to it. It smells nearly identical to WSP Almond & Honey fragrance, which I already have a large bottle of. I usually buy OMH there but wanted to try BB version as it is much cheaper. I will have to stick with paying more for a true OMH fragrance. If you are looking for a strong, warm and buttery oatmeal FO this isn't it. This one is almost all almond.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Our Oatmeal Milk and Honey definitely is a warm and buttery scent that emphasizes the milk and honey notes. You may end up liking it better blended with some Cinnamon Sugar Fragrance Oil or Hazelnut Toffee Fragrance Oil for an extra kick.