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No Oatmeal here

I am very disappointed in this fragrance. I bought the 16oz bottle thinking you can't go wrong with OMH. I was quite wrong. This FO has NO oatmeal scent to it. It smells nearly identical to WSP Almond & Honey fragrance, which I already have a large bottle of. I usually buy OMH there but wanted to try BB version as it is much cheaper. I will have to stick with paying more for a true OMH fragrance. If you are looking for a strong, warm and buttery oatmeal FO this isn't it. This one is almost all almond.

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Love this!

I made a large batch and sprinkled oats on the top, wow it's amazing, light scent, just enough to be soft and comforting!! Will do another batch as my family has already claimed this one!!

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Smells like chemicals or maybe medicine this is my least favorite version of milk honey and oats that I have found

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I absolutely love the way this smell. It's soft, and comforting. It smells safe, like home a long time ago. Not nostalgic. But like what home should of smelled like. Lol, I hope people understand what im trying to get across.

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Nice, but not what I expected

It is nice, but I was expecting a sweet smell. Out of the bottle, almost no scent, fresh soap, no scent. I thought I had a bad batch. As the soap cured, the scent developed nicely and it is great in the shower. I also LOVE how it thickens my homemade liquid soap. It goes from cloudy to crystal clear within 24 hours.