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Kinda underwhelmed with this scent. Was expecting something more warm and sweet but this seemed very light. I think the worst part was the bottle started leaking randomly out of nowhere after having it for a few months. I didn’t do anything to it but left it in its original foam protection packaging that brambleberry sent me because I did not have time to use it yet and when I did went to go get it again, I discovered it leaked! What is with the brambleberry scents always leaking? I’ve had 2 leaked in transit before but this is the first time a scent has leaked just sitting in the package in my home.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
If you're looking for a strong scent you may prefer the sweeter Oatmeal Milk & Honey Cybilla Fragrance Oil. Though we would not recommend leaving the fragrance in the foam packaging, that is only to protect the bottles during shipment for a short time. To store FOs we would recommend keeping them upright in a cool dark place.

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Excellent but light

I used this in cold process this is the second time buying a large bottle, I cannot keep this soap stocked, its fresh and retains its scent, it is light so you need to use a bit more than you would on other scents. I sprinkle the top of the soap with crushed oats before it cures and wow this is a top seller.

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Smells Amazing!

Smells so comforting. Not too sweet, just right! Worked wonderfully in my bath bombs.

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This OMH is amazing. Just received this from the " Best of Bramble berry Fragrance Collection". This was my first time ordering this fragrance oil, but it smells so amazing. I was searching for the best OMH fragrance, and I think this might be it. I actually ordered OMH from a different vendor, and theirs smelled so bad. I compared the two side by side, and I was inlove with this one. I made my first OMH soap two days ago, and it turned out nicely. The color is just what I wanted. I did get some soaps that the scent was very light in, not sure if this was my mistake, or if the scent will come through after curing. Some of my soaps smells amazing, while others, I can barely smell the fragrance. I cant stop smelling the soap, I am INLOVE. I almost dont want to use the rest.

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Love this fragrance

I finally got up the nerve to make my first batch of goat's milk soap and I used the oatmeal, milk and honey fragrance in it. It turned out gorgeous and it smells out of this world. I can't stop smelling my soap. It's been curing for about a week but the smells seems to increase as time goes on. When I first cut it, I could hardly smell it but after a week it's fantastic. I hope it lasts. I will update this after a 4 week cure.