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Broken Ring

I love the power of the blender, it mixes large batches well and I really wanted to love this product since I love the company. Unfortunately the blender broke after less than a year of use. The plastic ring holding the shaft onto the blender cracked, rendering the blender completely useless.


I have only used it once but It worked really well. Strong motor and I love the way it gripped. So much better than the ones they sell at the supermarket

Verified Purchase

I bought during the summer before I started making soap to be ready for when I did. I have used this stick blender exactly ten times. During my tenth batch of cold process, it broke while I was trying to achieve trace. I managed to hold it together the short time needed. A piece inside the attachment that holds it onto the blender broke. I was extremely disappointed to say the least. I have since replaced it with one I purchased at Target.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
I'm sorry your stick blender broke so quickly. That definitely shouldn't happen so it sounds like you may have received a defective one. Customer service has contacted you directly to resolve that issue.

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Fell apart in 6 months

I was really excited to get this blender. At first all went well and it worked perfectly, however after 6 months, it literally fell apart into multiple pieces. Despite attempts to piece it back together, I was unsuccessful. Will not buy again. I love Brambleberry products, but this one is a bust.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
I'm sorry you had that experience. Customer service has contacted you directly to help resolve this issue.

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Like it...but

I bought 2 of these blenders 6 months ago. I make soap every day, so they get a lot of use. I like the way they fit in my hand, the long cords, and the snap off heads. I also like the variable speeds that allow me to customize the power for the batch of the moment. I have not had the suction problems others have noted. there is some suction, but no more than any other stick blender. The weak link in the blenders is the plastic connector cap at the top of the blender shaft. After about 4 months, they started coming off the shafts. After another month, cracks showed up. I fortified them with duct tape and kept using them. Now the cracks are too big, and they are no longer usable. I like the blender well enough that I would like to keep using them. It would be ideal if Bramble Berry sold replacement heads on their own. Then I could just replace the heads, since the motors are just fine. I would also love to have multiple heads. But since I would have to buy a whole new blender, and I know the plastic cap will only last a few months, I am not going to buy any more.