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Wow! Speedy!

I made soap with a blender and it took an hour to trace. I made soap with a single wisk on a blender and it took 30 minutes to trace. I used this stick blender on lowest setting and it traced in less than 5 minutes! Shazam! This thing is like lightning!

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Broke after handful of uses

I purchased this blender thinking it would last me a long while, after it was recommended by a YouTuber. But it broke after being used a handful of times. I see that their replacement heads are on discontinue so I'm guessing they're having issues with this blender and the stick breaking or malfunctioning. I haven't had it maybe a month. Very bummed it broke with just being used a handful of times. wi


I broke my old reliable and remembered getting a free one from Brambleberry. Wow, there are things I love and things I hate. LOVE: the detachable head. So convenient. HATE: even on the lowest power settings possible this thing is like a jet engine. I needed two hands just to keep it from going out of control. However, it's probably a learning curve and my soap hit trace in record time. All in all I'm pleased!

Verified Purchase
Excellent blender!

I bought this stick blender on Nov 4th of 2017, and its been working like its supposed to. I use it on it's lowest setting for making cold process soap and don't get very many bubbles if any at all. Highly recommend this blender!

Love Love Love

I am shoked at the bad reviews. I got this as a freebie last Christmas (2017) for spending a certain amount. I have 2 other stick blenders, diferent brand, that I love!! I started using this one, and I have not pick up my others since I got this one. It is durable, can take a beating, and relyable. I love that you can adjust the power of this beast. This stick is powerful!!