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Excellent blender!

I bought this stick blender on Nov 4th of 2017, and its been working like its supposed to. I use it on it's lowest setting for making cold process soap and don't get very many bubbles if any at all. Highly recommend this blender!

Love Love Love

I am shoked at the bad reviews. I got this as a freebie last Christmas (2017) for spending a certain amount. I have 2 other stick blenders, diferent brand, that I love!! I started using this one, and I have not pick up my others since I got this one. It is durable, can take a beating, and relyable. I love that you can adjust the power of this beast. This stick is powerful!!

Verified Purchase
Stick blender broke

I received this blender used it only a few times to have the metal part break off in the middle of mixing. Very displeased with this product!!!

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m Clark

I ordered this the first one broke then I was sent a replacement and it broke I’m so upset

Verified Purchase
Broke on third use

I had the same experience as many of the reviewers. The third time I used this blender, the metal part detached from the plastic part. I tried several times to reassemble it, but it won't stay together. This is dangerous. Mine sent the soapy lye mixture splattering on me and the work area.