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Pumpkin Pie

Although this smells nothing like pumpkin pie, it does smell like pumkin pie spices. The most prominent smell is cinnamon. The smell is a reminder of fall or the holidays. I used it in bathbombs and the scent is very nice I just thing I will rename it because it doesn't smell like pumpkin pie.

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Another Disappointing Pumpkin Fragrance

I loved Pumpkin Spice FO and used it for a few years. But, when I went to get it a few months ago it was no longer available. Opted instead for the Pumpkin Souffle and was most disappointed so got a 4 oz. bottle of this hoping it would be better and perhaps I could mix it with the other to improve the scent (since I have 16 oz. to use up). But the results with this one were no more pleasing on its own or mixed with Souffle. So won't buy either again. Hope I can use them with better results in creams, bath bombs etc.

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Pumpkin Pie

This fragrance was a total hit last year! To me it has more of a pumpkin spice scent, so I renamed it Pumpkin Spice and everyone loved it! I used .75 oz. fragrance per lb. of oils and I can still smell the scent from a few unsold bars made 8 months ago. Can't wait to start making wax melts with it this year!

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Joeana M.
Nom nom nom!

I want a slice of pie just smelling this. The spices definitely come through & it's so good, this will make great bath bombs.

Vicki Anne
very disapointed

This FO smells nothing like pumpkin pie. That is not a problem because i can always rename an oil used in a soap. The big problem is that the soap is 2 months old and the fragerance has totally disapeared. Just like an unscented soap. CP was made with 1 oz pp. I am very sorry to have rated this a one star. I have never had this issue with any of BB's other FO's. Two thumbs down for this one.