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Made a pumpkin lover out of me

Generally I don't like sickly sweet/ pumpkin scents and would never have purchased this had I not gotten it as a sample first. I made a small batch of lotion with it and it FLEW off the shelves. Have since bought a big bottle and people keep asking for more products scented with it! I smell more brown sugar than pumpkin, but it's a wonderful sweet scent.

Wonderful blended

I received the sample of this, and used it to make a gift batch of CP soap for my niece. I also used some Pumpkin Souffle fragrance oil - and OMG wonderful! Both of them are nice but together make the perfect mix for the Pumpkin spice season. I am a relatively new soaper and didn't have any trouble with the FO. I also used pumpkin puree in my goat milk soap, so any discoloration is part of the soap's charm and that Fall rustic look I was going for. Thank you for the samples - they are so fun to experiment with

Karen B
Candied pumpkin and perfect pumpkin color

Rec'd as a sample. Definitely brown sugary buttery fragrance like candied yams or candied pumpkin, no spices. I don't care for it myself but my neighbor LOVES it. I used the amount recommended for medium strength fragrance. Did not accelerate on me, though I poured it all in one without trying to divide and swirl. Just removed from silicone mold a week later and the soap has "discolored" to a PERFECT orangey-brown pumpkin coloration.

Verified Purchase

Thanks for the free sample. Was such an inspiration that I am using that fragrance to make my 100+ bars of Christmas gifts this year.

Smells nice

Thanks for the free sample. Out of the bottle it smells great, but the lab had that "sour" smell somebody else described. I used it in one small part of a "desert" soap for the darkening properties and it colored it exactly the way I wanted. The soap it smells pretty good, however. I'm not sure why the lab smelled "sour." Overall, I'm pretty pleased with it and the price was certainly right! Thanks again.