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Fresh & Lovely

A customer (and personal) fave. It's light and fresh without being overwhelming. Works well in bath bombs and CP soap--it does slightly accelerate but if you work around 100 degrees it won't do too much. Great FO.

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Too much Grapefruit

I don't like it at all. It smells like gapefruit juice. Do you mix the fragrance in advance or does somenone mix it to order? Maybe I got a bad batch? They say Brambleberry is the best for fragrance. I am going to try a couple more frangrances before I give up.


I'm new to cp soap making and did my 8th batch today using my free sample of Rose Quartz! I didn't quite have enough to cover my total batch so I added like 2 grams of Baby Rose. I was nervous to use this fragrance because it said it accelerates trace. I kept my temperatures around 100, used full water, and didn't notice any problems! I tried my first in the pot swirl tonight. It's still in the mold so I can't really see the swirl yet, but I was happy with it! I like the scent--I do smell mostly grapefruit but that's not a bad thing! My goal was to make Mother's Day gifts...

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Great softer scent!

This is my mother's favorite scent. It's just like Love Spell from VS, but with just a touch a more rose. The only drawback for me was the fact that it did discolor to a light yellow, which did ruin the design I was going for. But now that I know it makes cold process yellow, I'll make sure to use it to my advantage!

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Yup, Love Spell

I can’t believe I didn’t pick it out right away... it seemed familiar OOB but I couldn’t think of it. It’s totally Love Spell! Not a bad thing, it is very nice, soaps well and lasts in CP soap. If you already have a good LS dupe, this one is redundant. It’s really pretty, sweet, fruity and girly. One of my teen girls’ favorites! Wonderful in bath bombs as well!