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Nice smell, has attitude

I soaped this at room temp in a reliable recipe but still got immediate ricing. It did however stick blend out with little effort and it did t not seize on me, but it was pretty thick. I still did a two color bar and it turned out well.

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Wild Ride

I recommend this one to experienced soap makers, or for those who are only doing one color. I didn't read the reviews before soaping this fragrance, but figured a fresh scent like this would accelerate and rice. I used my flat mold anyways and did a 3 color in the pot swirl. It seized and riced pretty immediately, but I separated out my batter anyways for my colors and just beat the heck out of it with my stick blender. It smoothed out nicely, but is a very thick pour, so for a flat top, beat your mold to death. The soap turned out beautifully and I would do it all again!

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LOVE this scent

First of all, know that this scent will move fast on you, so be ready. Secondly, I did feel brave and used this in a salt recipe. I planned out the recipe with a delightful representative and then soaped at about 90 degrees. YES it moved, but oh wow! what a soap I ended up with.

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Great Scent!

I've been trying tester batches of men's fragrances & this one is a keeper! It's a nice, clean scent. Not too overpowering. I was ready for the acceleration, but not the ricing. I made it ok, I just kept stick blending & it worked out smoothly! I can't wait to try a few blends.

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great smell

This turned out amazing in my HP soap! Smells amazing! Perfectly good strong scent all on its own! Will be buying regularly!