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Did not turn out well in lotion

I reall would prefer to not leave a rating because I don't believe my issue is related to the product itself. I used this scent in some lotion I was making, and it smells horrible - kind if like rotten eggs. All the other lotions I made with other scents turned out fine but this one just smells rancid for some reason. I was wondering if there could be something in the lotion the scent is reacting with?

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My Go-to

This is my go-to scent, especially for men. I soap around 75 degrees and use it in my soleseif bars without issue. I also do not have issues with scent fading as some of my 1 year-old bars still carry the scent. Love,Love,Love this scent!!!

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excellent in melt and pour and lotions

Great out of the bottle and even better mixed with Kentish Rain. Made a fantastic MP spa bar with pink salt. Smells perfect.

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Just not my Nautical Scent

I read the reviews and was prepaired for the acceleration, i usually trust reviews in that aspect. The reviews were correct on that. However, I have found that the scent didnt hold up well FOR ME. It didnt have a very strong scent out of the bottle but I was determined. Very little scent if any still holding in there after cure. I think in order not to waste i will use it in a shave soap, no real fragrance but a little something lingering. HA HA.

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Bayfront Naturals
Great Scent, but get ready!!

I really like this scent! Not masculine like I thought it would be, but more fresh and oceany. However, I knew to expect problems, from reading the reviews. I mixed the FO in with the oils before adding the lye. I also added my mica to the whole pot of oils, just in case. (Stormy Blue Mica) When I added the lye, it riced, I it was small pieces, looked like Cream of Wheat. I stick blended it a lot, which smoothed it out some, but it was still a little grainy. I soaped around 110-120. I'm going to try room temp next time, because this scent is worth it!!