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Just not my Nautical Scent

I read the reviews and was prepaired for the acceleration, i usually trust reviews in that aspect. The reviews were correct on that. However, I have found that the scent didnt hold up well FOR ME. It didnt have a very strong scent out of the bottle but I was determined. Very little scent if any still holding in there after cure. I think in order not to waste i will use it in a shave soap, no real fragrance but a little something lingering. HA HA.

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Bayfront Naturals
Great Scent, but get ready!!

I really like this scent! Not masculine like I thought it would be, but more fresh and oceany. However, I knew to expect problems, from reading the reviews. I mixed the FO in with the oils before adding the lye. I also added my mica to the whole pot of oils, just in case. (Stormy Blue Mica) When I added the lye, it riced, I it was small pieces, looked like Cream of Wheat. I stick blended it a lot, which smoothed it out some, but it was still a little grainy. I soaped around 110-120. I'm going to try room temp next time, because this scent is worth it!!

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It's a pain, but worth it.

First thing's first, "slight acceleration" is an understatement. This soap accelerated right before my eyes, quicker than any other FO I've ever used. A small amount of ricing, but most of it smoothed out. Now, if you plan on making this with multiple colors and a mica line like yours truly did, you're going to want some extra hands close by just in case. Have your tools and your plan in place for this one, folks. But, dang, the beautiful fragrance is worth it! All of the other "ocean" fragrances i have tried smell incredibly fake compared to Salty Mariner.

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Nice smell, has attitude

I soaped this at room temp in a reliable recipe but still got immediate ricing. It did however stick blend out with little effort and it did t not seize on me, but it was pretty thick. I still did a two color bar and it turned out well.

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Wild Ride

I recommend this one to experienced soap makers, or for those who are only doing one color. I didn't read the reviews before soaping this fragrance, but figured a fresh scent like this would accelerate and rice. I used my flat mold anyways and did a 3 color in the pot swirl. It seized and riced pretty immediately, but I separated out my batter anyways for my colors and just beat the heck out of it with my stick blender. It smoothed out nicely, but is a very thick pour, so for a flat top, beat your mold to death. The soap turned out beautifully and I would do it all again!