This month's featured sample is Carnation. This fragrance is rich with a blend of floral and spices. The top note is sweet with strong floral notes. Then the middle notes follow through with clove and fresh cut stem. The fragrance finishes with a base note of pepper. This fragrance does accelerate in cold process soap, with no discoloration.

Cucumber Melon Deodorant

Blend Ideas




How to Make Carnation Flower Soaps:

Tools and Ingredients:

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  • Making Cucumber Melon Deodorant
  • Making Cucumber Melon Deodorant

ONE: Cut up 2oz of Honey Melt and Pour and place in a microwaveable bowl. Heat in 10 second bursts until melted.

TWO: Shave off a very small pile of the Perfect Red color block, and mix into the melted soap until desired color is achieved.

THREE: Using a dropper, add .2oz Liquid Glyerin, and 2ml Carnation fragrance oil

FOUR:  Place a cutting board over your scale, and set the 12 bar silicone round mold on top. Weigh out .5oz of red soap into four seperate cavities. Remove cutting board with mold, and set aside.

FIVE: Cut up remaining 14oz of melt and pour, and place in microwaveable bowl. Heat in 30 second bursts until melted.

SIX: Shave off a small pile of both Green Chrome color block, and the Fizzy Lemonade color block. We used approximately 3x more Fizzy Lemonade than Green Chrome.

SEVEN: Mix color block shavings into the melted soap until desired color is achieved.

EIGHT: Pour .5oz Carnation fragrance oil into melted yellow/green soap. Stir well.

NINE: Remove red circles from silicone, and pour 3oz of the green soap into 4 different cavities of the mold. There should be 2oz of green soap left over in container. Set this aside.

TEN: Using zig zag craft scissors, carefully trim the edges of the entire circle. Keep these trimmings, and place them in a small microwaveable container.

ELEVEN: Cut red soap circle in a spiral pattern, carful to keep the soap strips approximately 1/2 inch wide to avoid tearing.

TWELVE: Beginning in the center, gently twist the soap into a spiral to form a flower shape.

THIRTEEN: Put red soap trimmings into the microwave in 5 second bursts until melted.

FOURTEEN: Suck up melted red soap with injector tool. Use this soap like glue, gluing the flower together starting on the outer ring, and moving inwards as needed.

FIFTEEN: Check green soap in molds, and ensure they have a thick skin on top. If they do, spritz liberally with alcohol, and place one flower on top of each green soap.

SIXTEEN: Heat remaining 2oz of green soap from earlier in 10 second bursts until melted.

SEVENTEEN: Spritz flowers on soap with rubbing alcohol, and pour .5oz of green soap alonside the flowers to attach them to the main bar. Be careful not to pour overtop of the flowers.

EIGHTEEN: Let set for 24 hours and unmold!


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