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This is not a sophisticated scent. It smells nothing like scotch whiskey. It does however smell exactly like butterscotch which I imagine is why one other reviewer said it reminded them of their grandmother. I don't like butterscotch and that is not the scent I was looking for for my beer soap.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Our Scotch Whisky Fragrance Oil was designed to be evocative of whiskey and work well with liquor themed recipes. Though it doesn't smell exactly like the alcohol. If you're looking for other alcohol themed scents you may prefer Kentucky Bourbon Fragrance Oil, Rustic Woods and Rum Fragrance Oil, or Spiked Eggnog Fragrance Oil.

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This is a warm scent to me. It smells so nice. Kinda scotch, kinda oak, kinda fall. Love this!

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This is a top seller, has all the scotch notes without the alcohol scent. Worked great in CP.

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Really great!

I walk dogs so I made some dog soaps for all of my clients. One of them loved this scent so much he asked me to make him more soaps with this fragrance. I'm definitely going to have to purchase more of this fragrance! (I apologize for any typo's I'm writing this on my mobile)

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My favorite men's soap

Out of the bottle it had a super overpowering smell but it was very close to scotch. After making a double batch and using the least amount of FO, the bars after curing smell amazing. I'm regretting not using more FO. Hopefully it's a huge hit!