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Nice scent, but too vanilla for Scotch

As an avid Islay whisky drinker, I probably set my expectations of this scent a bit too high. This is a nice scent, but very vanilla, almost more what I would expect for a bourbon. I've been trying to blend up something that smells like a really smokey, peaty whisky with things like Sea Moss, Salty Mariner and Smoldering Embers, but nothing's really captured it yet. Brambleberry, please dive into some Lagavulin or Peat Monster or any of the traditional Islay whiskies and see what I mean. If you can capture that smokey, somewhat green, slightly medicinal scent range, please take my money! :)

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Overall a winner!

This scent ended up being completely different than what I expected, but it ended up being a blessing because it worked out amazing in my goat molk, oat and honey soap! It only faintly reminded me of a whiskey scent and had an overwhelming butterscotch and vanilla aroma to it. I absolutely love it! Will definitely use it again, but not for any kind of masculine product.

Smells so good...Very complex!

This fragrance is super complex with all the notes that come through after soaping with it. I used this in cold process soap after having it in the bottle for about a year. It worked like a charm, no acceleration or ricing, flowed smooth and the discoloration was part of the design. In this fragrance, when i smell it in my soap, i pick up wood, leather, vanilla, and a hint of something that to me is reminiscent of an alcoholic beverage, but it is a slight note. I feel it works best, as the scent leaves you to imagine an old study, finely furnished, with a drink waiting on a desk for its owner to enjoy. A fabulous well rounded fragrance i will be buying again.

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Not at all like scotch :(

I’ve never had a bad thing to say about any of the FO’s I’ve purchased from Brambleberry, but this one is not good :( I was hoping to make a candle reminiscent of scotch for my husband’s den, since he is a big scotch lover. However, this smelled only of sweet sugar, and maybe even butter scotch. The scent wasn’t necessarily bad, but it was nothing like scotch. Very sad about this. I will try bourbon next, but so far, all of the liquor fragrances have smelled very sweet.