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Weird but can grow on you

OOB I hated it. but I keep coming back to smell it. I lived my whole life near the ocean, and this FO really smells salty and have ocean notes. No doubt it's a weird scent, but very interesting, and I think it could be super unique in bath and body products. I can't wait to soap with it.

They've somehow managed to capture what the ocean smells like.

This fragrance is very interesting indeed! I received this as a sample in a recent order, and immediately upon smelling it, I could smell seaweed and that deep mineral smell that comes with saltwater with flowery notes in the background. If you're a fan of ocean fragrances, I'm sure you'll love this. I personally dont enjoy it a ton simply because I'm not a fan of seaweed smells, but a few of my family members said they really liked it, and I'm very impressed with the imagery of an ocean beach that this fragrance brought to mind.

Sea Salt Fragrance Oil

I just received this fragrance as a sample and I LOVE IT!

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Love it!

I made sea salt bars out of this scent. My daughter and husband both love the smell. My daughter said that I should make a whole line with this scent!

Horrible Smell

I loved all the other Seaside Collection scents except this one. It is truly a horrible scent, like algae or maybe kelp in muggy ocean air. I won't even open the bottle to sniff anymore, it turns my stomach. I know scent is different for everyone, however, so I hope there are some who enjoy it.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Sea Salt Fragrance Oil is definitely more of a kelp type sea scent. If you're looking for other more fresh type ocean scents you may prefer Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil or Celestial Waters Cybilla Fragrance.