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Sea Salt Fragrance

I received the Sea Salt fragrance as a sample in a recent order. I have to disagree with the other reviews I see on this fragrance as both my husband and I found it to be a pleasant smell that would be good in products made for either female or male. I agree it could be mixed with something else, but for me, that makes it even better due to its versatility.

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Great Scents

Loved all the scents. Do have to say that the Sea Salt was not my favorite but I think it will work well as a blend with another scent.

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Nice, But That's All

These new water FOs read feminine, which is nice as so many read masculine. But "nice" is about all I can say about them. I did not like Sea Salt at all. It smelled strongly of salt and seaweed. The Coastal Rain is my favorite. I mostly smell the white tea and ocean mist. It is pretty and delicate. The other two have strong green notes and don't particularly say "sea" to me. Except for the Sea Salt, all are pretty and light, but none made me want to make soap with them . And since I haven't made soap with them yet, I cannot comment on performance.