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Smells great but doesn't survive cp soaping

This smells wonderful and it's phthalate free. But it didn't survive the CP soap process. Tried it twice. Will try to use it for lotions or creams instead.

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Just ordered a bigger bottle.

I blended this with a splash of lavender essential oil and it's absolutely lovely. It's wonderful OOB, but I wanted something a bit dreamier.

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I had to buy this fragrance oil to substitute for sandalwood essential oil. I had read other reviews saying how it smelled closest to it. I was so excited to receive this purchased fragrance and wanted to use it asap. Initially, oob it smelled very nice. Very faint smell though. I thought maybe once in soap, the fragrance would come out more. Wrong! Fragrance completely disappeared. Not even a subtle or very light smell of sandalwood. Extremely disappointed and it was a waste of money.

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Closest to essential oil

I’ve used real sandalwood essential oil over the years and stumbled across this blend many years back. It is a terrific substitute if you are making bulk formulations and wish to remain cost effective . I actually like it much better than the essential oil.

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Great fragrance

I have used this fragrance for about 4 years. It makes great cp soap and is one of my best sellers. Esy to work with.