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Shea Body Butter Base

Definately NOT what I expected. It doesn't gave any "butter like" consistency. Had to pour it into bottles our of jars, now it's a lotion. Any way to firm it up? Not happy with results.

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It's more like a cream

I love this product and will be purchasing more soon. The consistency is more like a cream and works great for me.

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Lotion not butter

If I had read the reviews I would not have purchased this. I definitively would have purchased unrefined shea butter. It does absorb well; I just should have paid more attention.

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Not A Fan

I had bought this a couple of months ago and hadn't used it yet. I'm very disappointed as this is not a traditional body butter, but more of a lotion base. Not a very good one either. I'm trying to work with it now by adding some Shea butter to thicken it, but I think in the end this is going to end up a wasted purchase.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Our Shea Body Butter is more similar to a lotion base, it is just our thickest option. If you're looking for a more traditional whipped body butter you may prefer something like our Easy Whipped Shea Butter recipe.

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Rosalin marte smith
shea body butter base feels like lotion

I bought a small bucket hoping to make my own whipped body butter but the entire bucket has a liquid lotion base texture. Not what I expected. Please advise how I can whip it or at least harden this product.